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I build effects pedals for guitar and bass. I work an unrelated job and drink an unrelated quantity of beer.

3 pedals made for 826CHI's upcoming PROM 9 FROM OUTER SPACE

VAMPIRA - Wild, untamed fuzz similar to the ZVex Fuzz Factory, vintage germanium transistors and a very mischievous attitude. If you imagine Matt Bellamy from Muse peeking out of the flying saucer, you get an idea of how this sounds

BELA LUGOSI - Bass fuzz/boost - the fuzz portion is similar to the Woolly Mammoth, everything from roaring noise to a tight, synthy square wave sound. Set the pinch control low, and you’ll have to pound the strings to pass the gate threshold. A little higher, and Annie Clark tones are in your reach. This is great on guitar but comes into its own on a bass. The bass boost control will let the fuzz cut through the band, where so many bass fuzzes lost their low end.

ED WOOD Jr. - Phaser with footswitchable speed settings. Go from slow, psychedelic swirls to a UFO taking off in some Kansas cornfield in 1959, with the tap of a footswitch. Green light - slower speeds, red light - faster. LED blinks in time with the LFO while the pedal is in bypass so you know exactly what speed you’re getting into, and solid when the effect is active.

Controls are labelled black on black, because a) how much more black can you get? The answer is none. None more black; and b) rock and roll should not be intuitive or ergonomic.

All pedals are wired for 9V DC or battery, true bypass to preserve your guitar’s tone, sturdy vinyl bumpers on the underside, hand-wired and hand-painted, lifetime warranty, and the knowledge that in buying this, you are supporting the incredible work of 826CHI.

All three will be auctioned at 826CHI’s PROM 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, and only available at the event. These are one-off, unique designs and made to last.

Listening to Fuck Buttons while scrolling down this made for quite an experience.

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Solo Machine

I came up with an idea for a pedal which I really want to make happen. It’s basically just two regular effects in one, blended together. A tight fuzz with a pretty restrictive gate, blended with a compressor with a narrow ratio and restrictive attack, so you get a clear response to fast-picked solos but you get a smooth grit all the way through.

I guess the ZVex Machine comes pretty close to the sound I’m thinking of, but that’s a single signal and seems more reliant on the player’s pick attack to get a good sound. I want something that will cut through smooth and consistent.

Thinking of adding send/return loops for either side of the signal chain too, so I can add an overdrive to the comp chain, or an octave effect to the fuzz.

This pretty much sums up a couple of brief “debates” I had on Twitter earlier.

This pretty much sums up a couple of brief “debates” I had on Twitter earlier.

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There are people seeing Neutral Milk Hotel and there are people seeing The Hold Steady and here I am, in red, mustard-stained sweatpants.

I was the latter; I am jealous of anyone who has mustard when I do not have mustard (I have mustard)

Something warm and spicy for dinner tonight, methinks

Something warm and spicy for dinner tonight, methinks

Vegetarian Chili


I wrote this recipe for an American to understand:

I have recently started making this from scratch, boiling beans and everything. Easy enough to replace with canned beans and tomatoes if time is an issue. I’m usually home a while before Gina so I have time as an indulgence…..

Me an’ me sis an’ me bro an’ me wife done this fing wiv food n stuff, new blog, innit?


I’ve been watching my best friend Jason try to woo girls for nearly 20 years using a keyboard. Yesterday I got to watch/film him try and woo the most special girl of all (with special help from Aaron Paul!)

Me and the wife have a couple-crush on these two. Alternating between utter delight and “fuck these guys, man, seriously!”

Mitch Clem's Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2013


image1) CRUSADES - Perhaps You Deliver This Judgement With Greather Fear Than I Receive It - [No Idea Records] I had no doubt in my mind that Crusades, whose debut full-length was my favorite release of 2011 by such a large margin it felt weird even bothering with the rest of the list, would…

Every now and then I remember that Mitch Clem turned me onto some really excellent music back in the day, and this is a very promising list. Got this Crusades album on a whim and I am loving it so far.