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I build effects pedals for guitar and bass. I work an unrelated job and drink an unrelated quantity of beer.
Negative-ground PNP Rangemaster breadboard. Love those orange drop capacitors. So tempted to just build this into my strat and leave it always on. Which would eliminate the need for the charge pump, as it would run off battery.

Negative-ground PNP Rangemaster breadboard. Love those orange drop capacitors. So tempted to just build this into my strat and leave it always on. Which would eliminate the need for the charge pump, as it would run off battery.

Modded SparkleDrive for OtherBen. Cosmetic upgrades (blue LED, clear knobs) plus 3-position clipping switch: stock 4148s, no diodes (clean boost) and 1N60Ps for a louder crunch

I don’t believe it. It’s that shit-box Dodge again.

I don’t believe it. It’s that shit-box Dodge again.

trivialad asked: You should probably listen to your proctologist, Tom.

He’s just gonna tell me I’m full of shit.

admiralbeamish asked: Good morning and thank you. A while ago I bought an I ONLY LISTEN TO THE MOUNTAIN GOATS tee and since I've been asked for random high fives and whether or not I am some bizarre goat whisperer. My question is whether the shirt is a binding contract?


It is. However, checking out, digging, grooving on, rocking out to, being moved by to the point of obsession with, or just enjoying other music is still perfectly fine under the terms of the shirt. 

Someday my two-line bio for solo appearances, which is a companion piece to the I ONLY LISTEN TO THE MOUNTAIN GOATS shirt/tote bag, will emerge in the wild, and together we will all ponder what the third pillar of my Triforce of  Exaggerated Claims ought to be.

I think of it more in ideological than musical terms. I don’t listen to teachers, politicians, policemen, meteorologists, tax collectors, money changers, prophets, profiteers, proctologists… only the Mountain Goats


oh and maybe Neil deGrasse Tyson, he’s pretty awesome too.


Annie is a woolly, splatty fuzz with a hefty kick of low-end up its sleeve. Tight, gated fuzz that you might recognise if you listen to a lot of St. Vincent. And if you don’t listen to a lot of St. Vincent, what the hell is wrong with you?

Especially proud of this one - this is the first pedal whose circuit is made entirely on vero board, rather than a pre-fabbed circuit board. This meant translating the schematic into a horizontal design, and not a little troubleshooting (side note: I am petitioning both AP and Chicago to recognize “troubleshat” as the past tense of “troubleshoot”).

I love these super-bright white LEDs. My phone camera, apparently, does not.

L-R, switch controls: Bass boost bypass (can work in tandem with or separate to the fuzz), fuzz bypass, gate override

The gate override is a wonderful little mod - like any great modification its effectiveness belies its simplicity. The gate control sets the threshold at which the guitar/bass signal cuts through - at maximum rotation it’s wide open and your playing dynamics are preserved completely, at minimum rotation you have to pound the strings to break through. The footswitch is a momentary bypass which pushes the gate to either fully open or fully closed, depending on the position of the toggle switch above it. So you can be rocking out with the gate tightly closed for a stuttery, rhythmic effect but want to open up to let the feedback do its thing for just a moment, or tighten up the sound to kill any noise while you let the drummer do her thing. Or whatever.

This was made for a guy named Ian, hence the caption on the rear of the backplate…

Encroaching Darkness



A few months ago this happened. And then this, and this.

Shortly after, I went to see the Mountain Goats at Space in Evanston, which is a beautiful, tiny venue with a grand piano. The piano is not important except to the folks who attended that show.

After the show, I waited in line to…

I tell people when they give me anything: “It takes me forever to get around to things.” Which it does. The only things I work quickly on are songs - those happen fast. Everything else just waits until some accidental moment happens and I get real amped up and say TIME TO DO THIS, LET’S ALL DO THIS and if it’s a big project then it takes a while and if it’s a new toy that’s been waiting for its moment then it gets this post.

so yeah. after the Evanston show on the duo tour, I was given this pedal, and I brought it home. I think I may have plugged it in once to check it out briefly, but to really get to know a pedal, you have to have a session with it.

just now me and a certain two and a half year old went down to the basement with this pedal, a T-Rex Bloody Mary distortion, an Orange Tiny Terror, and a G&L ASAT.

THANK YOU, YOUNG THOUSANDS EFFECTS, FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR VOLUME-LOVING HEARTS, FOR THE OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE WE HAD OVER THE PAST HALF-HOUR. I foresee long hours tweaking the configuration (should I put an overdrive in the chain? just because? maybe?) in The Future, which is a nebulous time constrained by All The Other Stuff, but anyway. it is a remarkable delay and ‘verb with an infinite repeats option and seriously appealing funereal doom applications. simply wonderful. 

THIS RULES, THANK YOU. May your pedals find players across the earth!

p.s. no we didn’t turn it up loud enough to do any further damage to grown-up ears or initial damage to young ones so be of good cheer.

My heart is swelling with unfathomable joy right now.

Finished this tonight. S’ok. Basic distortion, sounds pretty cool I guess. Yours if you want to donate $75 to a decent charity, plus a little for shipping to wherever you are. I’ll be the judge of whether your charity is decent or not. Clue: I like Planned Parenthood and the 826 family of writing centres.

3 pedals made for 826CHI's upcoming PROM 9 FROM OUTER SPACE

VAMPIRA - Wild, untamed fuzz similar to the ZVex Fuzz Factory, vintage germanium transistors and a very mischievous attitude. If you imagine Matt Bellamy from Muse peeking out of the flying saucer, you get an idea of how this sounds

BELA LUGOSI - Bass fuzz/boost - the fuzz portion is similar to the Woolly Mammoth, everything from roaring noise to a tight, synthy square wave sound. Set the pinch control low, and you’ll have to pound the strings to pass the gate threshold. A little higher, and Annie Clark tones are in your reach. This is great on guitar but comes into its own on a bass. The bass boost control will let the fuzz cut through the band, where so many bass fuzzes lost their low end.

ED WOOD Jr. - Phaser with footswitchable speed settings. Go from slow, psychedelic swirls to a UFO taking off in some Kansas cornfield in 1959, with the tap of a footswitch. Green light - slower speeds, red light - faster. LED blinks in time with the LFO while the pedal is in bypass so you know exactly what speed you’re getting into, and solid when the effect is active.

Controls are labelled black on black, because a) how much more black can you get? The answer is none. None more black; and b) rock and roll should not be intuitive or ergonomic.

All pedals are wired for 9V DC or battery, true bypass to preserve your guitar’s tone, sturdy vinyl bumpers on the underside, hand-wired and hand-painted, lifetime warranty, and the knowledge that in buying this, you are supporting the incredible work of 826CHI.

Sound clip - all three pedals layered using a loop pedal, Fender Strat through Vox AC4 amp

All three will be auctioned at 826CHI’s PROM 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, and only available at the event. These are one-off, unique designs and made to last.

Listening to Fuck Buttons while scrolling down this made for quite an experience.

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